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  • Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd
  • Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd
  • Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd
  • Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd
  • Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd

News :

• Bharti Ice-Cream won three medals in The Great Indian Ice-Cream contest 2013.   • Introducing new range of Bharti sweets.   • Milk cake has been launched with huge success.   • Dodha Burfi has also been added to our sweet section.   • Bharti Ice-Cream won gold medal in Kids catagory.   • New flavours are coming soon.   • The tricolor candy stick proved to be a successful innovation .  • Kiwi ripple soon to come in consumer packing.   • New instruments have been installed for ghee testing.  
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Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd Bharti Milkood Pvt Ltd

Director's Message

MILK gets its unique, great taste from dedication to monitoring quality, special care, and attention to detail in the processing and packaging steps of production. Through our careful processing and packaging, we have been able to retain great taste. Our company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of business and expects the same in its relationships. Due to that We are very well known in market and we have earned the trust and respect of society.

New Introductions

Bharti Dairy Dodha Burfi Bharti Dairy Milk Cake Bharti Dairy Chhach


Bharti Milkood achievements

Welcome to Bharti Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd.

Bharti Milkfoods Pvt Ltd. is committed to deliver products which meet all regulatory, industrial, consumer Quality and Food safety requirements to our valued consumers.

Our continuous efforts focused on building a sustainable “Quality and Food Safety Program” across food chain, using state of the art processes and innovative technologies towards delivering wide range of “Dairy and Food” products. We are so innovative and we always encourage to make incremental, yet revolutionary changes in the way we think and apply ideas to products or processes successfully. Our actions use to add value by providing better products and experiences as compared to other alternatives available.

Mission & Vision

Bharti Milkfoods Pvt Ltd. is committed to:
Excellence in all areas of operations and continual improvement in the provision of the highest quality products that meet the customer's expectations as well as legal, nutritional, and safety requirements.

Expert Overview

Bharti Milkfoods Pvt. Ltd. has already established a superior, better capability, expanded our manufactured products line and opened retail stores. Whether we deliver right to your door, or you visit one of our dairy stores, then only you can be confident enough that our quality and services will always be "The Best".