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About Bharti Milkfoods

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From the Director's Desk:

Bharti milk foods private limited established in 1950 and since its incorporation, the company has successfully applied many innovative practices.

We started off with a small shop in karnal near clock tower and we were into raw milk and butter when we started our business.

After a while we started expanding our business and kept on moving towards our goal and finally in 1986 we established our own factory and started manufacturing flavored milk and ice-cream.

In 2011, we established our modern and high-tech plant in village Mughal Majara (Karnal), which is leading us to the new heights in our field. As of now we are stepping ahead and After all that we are going to open our new parlors in several cities.

Currently our area of work is Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh (UT). Rajasthan and Uttaranchal.

We are having high-tech labs to test all the samples as per our quality policy, our employees use to wear mask and cap before entering inside the plant, there are appropriate air curtains for cool atmosphere and insect killers are also available. It constantly endeavors to give its customers the best products by way of continuous research and innovation.

Mr. Dinesh Bharti

Mission & Vision

Bharti Dairy Mission and Vision

Bharti Milkfoods Pvt. Limited is committed to:
Excellence in all areas of operations and continual improvement in the provision of the highest quality products that meet the customers’ expectations as well as legal, nutritional, and safety requirements and expand our business without putting a strain on our environment and without compromising on our ethics.

Our Objective

Bharti Dairy Objective

The essential purpose of every business is to lift up and serve a larger consumer base efficiently. Since our inception, all our treads have been development oriented. We mainly focus on quality and our objective is to perpetually seek opportunities for growth so that we can make unique and valuable contribution to the society and environment.

About Our Products

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